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PRIVATE is the new "Made in Puglia" brand created to make vegan and sustainable fashion accessible to all.

PRIVATE adheres to a small production chain using GRS certified recycled materials, organic materials,

and recovers all pre and post-consumer waste.



Let me introduce myself, I am Adriana and I "grew up in the factory" alongside my dad, who is engaged in

shoe manufacturing for over 40 years.
At the end of my studies and travels, I took part in the family business by defining together a

new production project more akin to my ideals: PRIVATE, the brand with a kind heart and a green soul.

In the long start-up process, I thought a lot about the brand's mission and goal. 
Knowing the processes and costs of an Italian production company well, I couldn't explain the absence from the market

of a sustainable brand that was within everyone's reach.
Right from the start I developed the goal of making vegan and sustainable fashion no longer a luxury for the few but a concretely feasible choice.

To succeed in this goal, I understood that I would have to avoid any unnecessary additional costs that could affect the final sale price  (such as costs for communication, distribution, logistics agencies, ...) taking care of everything internally together with my wonderful team, strongly believing that a fair selling price was much more important than the expansion and notoriety of the brand itself (at the expense of customers).
I therefore decided that I would put our family experience as producers at the service of everyone, in full compliance with our principles

ethics based on:

  • an exclusively Italian workforce to protect our workers,

  • on slow fashion and production of small quantities,

  • on the recovery of all the waste accrued over time e

  • on the use of innovative cruelty-free, vegetable and certified materials.

All the materials used represent the result of many years of experience carried out in our research and development department, such as the 100% Made in Italy (Puglia) labor.
Today I am the mother of a beautiful Italian-Irish child, and I proudly hope to introduce him to an increasingly ethical, slow and sustainable world.


Adriana, CEO and Founder of the brand.
Mario, the Boss (Adriana's dad).
Michele, Photographer and Marketing Strategist (partner of Adriana).
Katiuscia, Research and development.
Patty, Accounting.


We are not resellers but direct producers.
Our factories reside in Puglia, between Barletta and Trani, and are all family-run, as per tradition.
Each item for sale on this shop is studied, cared for and produced internally,
from the first prototype to the final sample, up to production.
We manage all direct contact with our suppliers so that we can check
the best of our small production chain.


We believe in ethical, conscious and saving fashion.
We have chosen to dispel the myth that sustainability must necessarily mean high price,
and decided to work actively in the service of all budgets.
Today and always we will offer the best price on the market.
By joining a small controlled supply chain.
By investing only in the product, research and direct sales.
Avoiding agent markups, distributions and advertisements.

Our commitment is to offer affordable prices for the choice of an increasingly sustainable future.


Fast fashion is against our philosophy.
Our mission is to focus sales on the essentials for the human being and to make production
a job opportunity and not an exploitation.
Most of the fashion products are made in countries where
the rights of workers are limited or non-existent.
For this reason, all PRIVATE items are produced in Italy by workers
regularly hired and legally protected.
Private is also a PETA approved brand.
By purchasing our products, you choose to wear vegan, sustainable garments made with the ethical respect for the human being.


For us, craftsmanship means exclusivity.
For this reason, in our shop you will also find a dedicated showcase
to the artisan tailoring where you can buy unique items such as bags and scrunchies made and sewn by seamstresses 
using the fabric scraps stored during our 40 years of work.


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